Organic, Outdoor-Reared, Heritage Breed Pork Box

1/4 PIG ORGANIC PORK BOX (10-11kg)

9.90/kg (excl. delivery) or £1.39 per 125g portion (incl. delivery)

Our rare breed Gloucester Old Spot and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are free range with plenty of space to root and forage. They are extremely inquisitive animals so enjoy moving across new pasture. Our pigs stay out all year round and sleep in deeply bedded houses in family groups. We are lucky to have a naturally occurring spring on the farm, the pigs use this water to wallow and to cool themselves down in the warmer weather.

Organic pork is rare because of the pigs' varied diet and the cost and difficulty of feeding them organically. Haye Farm Organic Pork is not just organic, but also slow-grown, outdoor-reared, free range and the most suitable regional heritage breeds too. These breeds are not only suited to the Devon surroundings but also taste like pork used to. It's a revelation how much better they cook and taste when the best breeds are reared as nature intended.

Our typical quarter pig box contains:
- a family-sized 2kg leg joint
- 4 x 250g pork butt steaks
- 4 x 170g tender loin chops
- 4 x 200g rump steaks or 2 x 200g rump steaks and a 1kg rack of 13 ribs
- 2 x 1kg pork belly joints
- 1.5kg of sausages.

Harry will be in touch after ordering to help you decide on the choices of cuts for your joints such as boned, diced or tender steaks. You may also choose to have a loin rack or tenderloin joint instead of loin chops. You may also choose to have mince instead of sausages for the BBQ.

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