Manor Organic Farm

Manor Organic Farm is a family run farm, shop, butchery, bakery situated in the village of Long Whatton, Leicestershire. The farm is home to a magnificent herd of rare breed Longhorn cattle, pedigree Lleyn and Polled Dorset sheep, turkeys, chickens, geese and ducks, two goats, three guinea pigs, two rabbits and various other friendly animals!

We have been farming organically since 1989 and believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy, and is more than just avoiding the use of artificial chemicals and fertilisers. It is a sustainable approach to farming which views the farm as a whole system in harmony with the natural surroundings and nature itself as well as the local community.The farm is part of a Higher Level Environmental Stewardship scheme which includes restoring wild flower meadows and other traditional grasslands as well as hedgerow and field margin management. Since arriving here in 1995 we have planted over 1800 tress and restored 2 miles of hedgerow. We are also inspected annually by the Soil Association (and annually pass with flying colours!) who certify us as organic. They are the pinnacle of organic certification and uphold the highest standards of animal welfare.

All of this means that you shop with us we can guarantee you the food you eat has been grown or sourced in the most environmentally, and ethically, sound way and with the very highest standards of animal welfare. This ensures the food on your plate is not only the very best tasting food in the region, but also food with a clear conscience.

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Everything, in relation to ordering from scotland,and the delivery to family member in london was very well arranged.

More importantly, the meat was consdered to be otstanding quality.

Thank you !