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How it works

How it works

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Signing up is free. Simply enter your details to register. 

We will never ask you to join a subscription scheme or persuade you that you prefer overpriced, flavourless meat in small portions! 

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Search produce by location, breed, rearing method or ethical certification.

Find a meatbox listed by an independent ethical farmer, or order a box from 60harvests direct and let us choose a farm for you.

All our ethical meatboxes provide 8 to 10kg of meat carefully butchered into the most popular classic cuts. On average this fills about one freezer drawer.

Delivery at peak freshness

Good things come to those who wait… 

Once you have ordered through you may have to wait a while for delivery. This is because our farmers typically only send their animals to a small local organic abattoir once the order has been received. 

For pork and chicken this usually means you order now for delivery next week. For lamb and beef, which benefits from ageing, you order now for delivery in 2 and 4 weeks, respectively. 

Delivery times will be highlighted in the listing. 

Once your order has been received your farmer will contact you directly to arrange a specific delivery day.

Packaging and Delivery believes it’s important that you know where your money is going. That’s why we don’t hide the delivery and packaging costs in the overall price.

The delivery fee covers both packaging and delivery. 

Meatboxes are sent by overnight courier. Our customers typically ask for their delivery to be left on their doorstep or in a designated safe place. 

The meat is packaged in vacuum-sealed portions and sent in a recycled, recyclable insulated box with recyclable water-filled ice blocks that will keep your meat chilled until it reaches your fridge or freezer. 

Our Fee simply takes 10% of all transactions. This gives farmers a guaranteed 90% of the retail price. only releases payment to the farmer  on confirmation of delivery by the courier. 

How it works.... for ethical farmers

If you’re an ethical farmer looking for a better deal for your produce, or trying to find customers who really care, then we’d love you to apply to join us. 

Click on "+ farmer portal" to begin our vetting process. Enter your details, and one of our team will be in touch. 

We’d love to hear about and come and see what you do, how you run your farm and what makes you special. 

Before approving you to list your produce, we will verify your certifications and put you in touch with your nearest organic abattoir if you aren’t in touch already. 

Once your registration is complete, you can easily post your listings. We're here to help you make your farm and produce  stand out.