Information about 60harvests


Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come...” 

Victor Hugo is changing the way we produce, buy and consume food. Selling meat just happens to be how we’re getting started…
We believe in using technology to bring farmers and customers together, in a community that’s passionate about nutritious and delicious food.
Many of us are worried by how broken the food system is. Animal suffering, nutritional depletion, trust and traceability issues, and exploitation of small farmers are all consequences of modern farming practices that are turning climate change into a climate crisis. makes it possible to buy directly from farmers who are treating their animals and the earth in the right way. Organic and free-range avoids the damage done by intensive farming, and regenerative grazing even repairs the damage by putting carbon back in the soil. is a growing community of people who don’t want food that costs the earth – join us!



Our Story

CEO Will HD is a great believer that technology provides solutions to complex problems, leading to better outcomes for everyone. That’s why he founded at the Google Campus in London, with the aim of creating a new way of getting food from farm to plate, but without the destructive effects of the current food supply chain. 

“I’ve always had an interest in the outdoors, which is where I developed a real passion for cooking meat over an open fire. I started to really notice how differences in ‘quality’ could affect the flavour. I’ve spent a lot of time sourcing high quality produce for myself from supermarkets and butchers, and I found myself wondering, “why isn’t this available more widely, and why the hell do farmers not make a good return when retail prices are so high?” The simple answer is that the long and complex food chain and web of middlemen have sucked the life and quality out of the food market.


“I’m a finance professional with a medical training, not a farmer, but I’ve always been passionate about good food. I thought hard about whether I was qualified to lead a team on a journey to improve the food chain. Probably not. But as I delved into it I began to realise that my background was a strength. My career in the financial markets taught me to be comfortable going against the flow, and I learned that a simple solution is often the most effective, even when the problem is complex. I could bring an open mind to the problems facing farmers and consumers, and take a fresh look at the food market, if you’ll excuse the pun.“


The 60harvests way… move slow and fix things

Technology doesn't have to break things. solves these problems by minimising the supply chain and connecting farmers and consumers directly. 

We only welcome farmers who use traditional, natural farming methods that protect our soils and environment and can even start to repair some of the damage done. 

You may have to wait for delivery at the right time - creating the highest quality meat is neither quick nor easy. We promise that in sacrificing the convenience of the 24-hour supermarket you will gain ten times the flavour, while helping to turn the clock back on climate change. 

We like to think of it as an old fashioned farmers market... with a technological twist!