Heritage Breed Outdoor Reared Pork Box

1/4 PIG ORGANIC PORK BOX (10-11kg)

£8.00/kg (excl. delivery) or £1.19 per 125g portion (incl. delivery).

Our typical 1/4 pig pork box contains:

2 family-sized 1kg leg joints for that perfect Sunday roast
4 x 250g pork butt steaks
4 x 170g tender loin chops
4 x 200g rump steaks OR 2 x 200g rump steaks and a 1kg rack of 13 ribs
2 x 1kg pork belly joints
1.5kg of sausages.
Kevin from Chypraze will be in touch after you have ordered to refine your cuts. We definitely recommend plenty of our sausages.

Chypraze Farm sits in the most spectacular setting above the cliffs and a quiet secluded beach at the western tip of Cornwall (please come and visit!). Our outdoor-reared Saddleback pigs live their whole lives outdoors, with access to shelter of course, living a truly natural life where they mature for twice as long as factory-farmed supermarket pork.

Our pigs have plenty of space to roam, 100 pigs sharing about 15 acres. This gives them the space to express their natural pigginess, rooting around in their fields with the best view of the Scillies. Red Tractor Certified factory farms by comparison put about 750 pigs in an area the size of 2 tennis courts.

Our pigs get all the minerals and vitamins they need from their varied diet and from what they find devouring the turf around them. We find this keeps them in tip top condition.

We bring the sows inside to farrow in comfort in traditional pens with plenty of space and when the young are weaned they go out to the arks in the fields.

To improve our sustainability credentials and reduce our demand for fossil and nuclear fuels we have installed a 5KW Evance wind turbine, 4KW solar panels, a ground source heat pump to provide heating and hot water. Our next energy project is to extract some hydro-energy from the stream on Chypraze that used to power several water wheels and tin ore stamps.

Saddlebacks are a very old breed suited to outdoor life. They produce meat known for its rich and distinctive flavour and succulent texture. After several years of trial and error we think we are now producing meat that tastes like pork used to, with ample crackling for those so inclined. The Rare Breed Survival Trust has identified this breed as being in particular need of our support......

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