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The Middle White pig is the only specialist pork pig in the UK. A pig that is bred purely for its texture, taste and fat. It is a white skinned pig with distinctive pricked ears and a short squashed snout which makes the breed less likely to root. The breed is docile, grows quickly and matures early producing high quality pork which is well-marbled and renowned for its excellent flavour.

In the 1930s the Middle White was exported to Japan where the Emperor would only eat pork from Middle Whites. The Japanese have even erected a statue to this outstanding rare breed pig! Richard at Huntsham has a third of the Middle White pigs in the UK.

Our typical 1/4 pig pork box contains:
- a family-sized 2kg leg joint
- 4 x 250g pork butt steaks
- 4 x 170g tender loin chops
- 4 x 200g rump steaks or 2 x 200g rump steaks and a 1kg rack of 13 ribs
- 2 x 1kg pork belly joints
- 1.5kg of sausages.

Huntsham meat has been produced with superior taste and texture as the primary considerations. It therefore has a higher fat content than most modern meat, which greatly enhances its taste and succulence. Some people like to eat the fat, others don’t, but it is important that the meat is cooked with its fat. Those who don’t like fat should look on it like the sediment in a good bottle of wine – you don’t drink it but it needs to be there.

Farmer Richard Vaughan will be in touch after ordering to help you decide on the choices of cuts for your joints such as boned, diced or tender steaks. You may also choose to have a loin rack or tenderloin joint instead of loin chops. You may also choose to have mince instead of sausages for the BBQ.

Huntsham has spent a long time building up a strong reputation and supplies some world-class chefs!

Our Middle White pork, hung 55 days for extra flavour and texture, has been supplied to famous chefs around the country and was used by Simon Rogan for the main course for the 50 Best Chefs in the World dinner. We also supply our pork to approximately one third of the Michelin-starred chefs in the country. When you try it you will realise why.

60harvests founder Will cooked Huntsham Middle White pork for his family at Christmas (with Angel Cottage goose), doing a 30-hour sous vide leg joint and also roasted two large belly pieces with the veg. The result was "stunning"……perfectly crispy belly and stunningly succulent leg joint too.

9.75/kg (excl. delivery) or £1.38 per 125g portion (incl. delivery)

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