Conservation Grazed Beef Box


£13.00/kg (excl. delivery) or £1.78 per 125g portion (incl. delivery)

This type of beef is truly the best for animal welfare and for the soil, and scientific studies have shown it to be net carbon negative. Conservation-grazed beef is not widely available due to the cost and effort in raising beef in this way.

Our conservation-grazed regenerative organic beef is reared slowly for 24-36 months on grass, and is incomparable to the fast-reared, low-cost, grain-fed, 12-month rearing of supermarket beef. Our farmers will typically have two cows on an area of thick grass the size of a football pitch, compared to 1500 cows that can be reared in the same space for supermarkets and still receive a Red Tractor Certification.

Our regenerative organic cows (think organic ultra+++) are reared along the principles of conservation grazing, meaning they are at pasture all year round where possible and are moved carefully in rotation to graze intensively on grass that has been allowed to grow up to two feet long. When the (longer) roots die back and the cows trample their organic manure and grass stalks into the ground, the effect on the soil ecosystem is dramatic. Significant levels of carbon is trapped back into the soil. This rearing method produces the tastiest beef in the most natural way and is transforming not just the soil but also the carbon footprint of beef production itself.

Our typical 1/16 cow share 9kg beef box contains 2x 200g fillet or 4x 250g rib eye steaks , 4x 250g sirloin/rump steaks, 6x 200g everyday (bavette) steaks, a 1.7kg topside or silverside premium roast joint, a 1kg slow roasting brisket or LMC joint, 1.2kg of lean diced beef and a further approx 2kg of steak mince.

The farmer we carefully select will be in touch after ordering to help you decide on the choices of cuts such as steaks on-the-bone, diced beef or steak mince burgers for the BBQ.

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