Organic Tasting Series - 1 box per month for 3 months

A series of organic meat boxes delivered each month for 3 months.

If you want to plan ahead and experience a range of different organic meats from the very best ethical farmers without signing up to a subscription, this easy option is for you.

Organic techniques mean that the animals are all part of a healthy natural biosphere, absorbing significant nutrients from the grass, while their organic manure puts back carbon and other nutrients into the ecosystem. This further helps all the organisms in the soil, including the grass, to flourish. It's one of the key reasons why organic meat is more nutrient dense and tasty than grain-fed factory-farmed meat.

You will receive a different organic meatbox each month for 3 months, containing organic meat which is also slow-grown and free-range:

  • a pasture-fed organic half lamb box
  • a pasture-fed organic 16th cow share box, and
  • a box of 4 slow-grown free range organic chickens.

The farmer we carefully select will be in touch after ordering to help you decide on the choices of cuts for your joint in that month’s box. If you have a preference for what order you receive the boxes in please let us know via the comment box at checkout.

The average cost is £10.37/kg (excl. delivery) or £1.46 per 125g portion (incl. delivery)

ORGANIC LAMB BOX (8-9kg & £10.00/kg)
Typically contains a tender leg roasting joint, 4 chump steaks, 5 loin chops, a 7-cutlet rack of lamb, 1 succulent shoulder joint, 1 rolled breast joint, and 2 lamb shanks or tasty neck fillet, and often an additional pack of mince too. Your choices include having the joints boned, diced or perfectly butterflied for the BBQ, sweet and tender cutlet chops instead of the French-trimmed rack of lamb and mince instead of the rolled breast joint.

ORGANIC CHICKEN BOX (9kg & £9.50/kg)
Our slow grown free range organic chickens are reared for 60-80 days - around twice that of standard chickens - using a carefully-selected breed suited to its very free range environment. Your box will contain four 2.2kg chickens .

ORGANIC 1/16 COW SHARE BEEF BOX (10-11kg & £12.50/kg)
Typically contains 4 x 250g fillet/feather or 4 x 250g rib eye steaks , 4 x 250g sirloin/rump steaks, 4 x 250g bavette steaks, a 1.7kg topside or silverside premium roast joint, a 1kg slow roasting brisket or LMC joint, 1.2kg of lean diced beef and a further 2kg of steak mince. Your choices of cuts include steaks on-the-bone, diced beef or steak mince burgers for the BBQ.

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