Landews Meadow Farm

Our Holistic Goal is to create a bio diverse and sustainable natural environment for us, our livestock and the visitors to our cottages to enjoy, to produce healthy nutritious food with involvement, interaction and education of our local community.

We started out wanting to raise chickens commercially in our woodland and have gone on a journey of learning that demonstrated to us that by working with nature we could naturally fertilise and improve our soil, provide natural habitats and enhance the bio diversity on our small holding in the beautiful Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

By raising livestock in systems that are as close to their natural environment as is possible we are able to offer our customers healthy local produce that is highly nutritious and tastes fantastic.

Our goal is to ensure our farm is sustainable, raising livestock in a natural healthy environment whilst enhancing diversity and building the fertility of the soil without the addition of chemicals.

We have been regenerating the land here for 7 years. Our herds of Lowline Dexter cattle are short and stocky so they have a low impact on the land and have significantly improved the soil already. We have also planted 3000 trees which has further encouraged wildlife to return to our land.

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